The following facilities will be provided to the participants who have been selected for the final stage Hackathon that will be held on 28th and 29th June.


Accommodation for Hackathon participants (only for those residing outside Mumbai) will be provided from 27th June, 10:00 am to 30th June, 10:00 am.


Travel reimbursement will be given to only outside Mumbai participants. Maximimun travel amount for 3rd AC train will be given from the participants' nearest station till Kurla Junction. Participants are expected to book tickets as soon as the Stage 2 results are announced and  send a copy of the same to.,
The equivalent amount or your ticket cost, whichever is minimum will be given to you on the day of Hackathon.


The participants will be given food during the Hackathon (28th entire day till 29th Breakfast).