Terms & Conditions – vesAIthon 2019

  • Team Size : 2-4 members
  • The teams are requested to arrive at the venue an hour before the competition.
  • Team Name, Team Leader followed by the names of team members to be submitted with the proposal.
  • One team can submit ONLY One Idea.
  • Once teams have registered, changes in team members will not be encouraged.
  • Duration of the hackathon : 24 Hours
  • Shortlisted ideas will be communicated via email/phone.
  • For Skype call/interview at least one member must be available when scheduled. Ensure that you are in an area with good network / internet connectivity.
  • At any given time during the live Hackathon, at least one Team member should be available at the allotted desk.
  • Students should come with Laptops
  • One terminal and internet facility will be provided.
  • No working professionals are allowed to participate. Registered team members should compulsorily carry valid ID Proofs and college ID for verification.
  • Team members could be from same institute or different.
  • Plagiarism of projects is strictly prohibited.
  • The primary requirements of any given problem statements must be met. Additional functionalities in the system will surely be appreciated.
  • Accommodation will be provided to the students not staying in Mumbai.
  • Any kind of malpractices such as pre-designed work or remote coding will not be entertained.

For any queries :

Email- vesaithon@ves.ac.in